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Fiona Buchanan

Hi Remy, I absolutely agree with your comments and think you've outlined the three main inroads of mobile into the Auto space really well. I know Smartcar recently involved the power of social networks when they offered a 'groupon' like offer and sold 200 cars online in 3 hours. Do you think this kind of thing has potential to take off on a global scale in the Auto sector?

I'm interested in your thoughts because if it's something that is likely to be appealing in emerging markets in particular, the role of mobile in such offers will be paramount due to the reliance on mobile for internet / social networking access in these markets.


Rémy Pothet

Yes, I absolutely agree with you that there is real potential for ‘groupon’ style purchases in the Auto sector – in fact I’m surprised this approach hasn’t taken off more already. I envisage it working on a national or international level as long as local technical certification requirements are met. And you are right, mobile will play a major role, especially in emerging markets.

Matthew Froggatt

Hi Remy

Have a look at the link below. While we might not agree with the views on Apple, there are references to open source in-car entertainment, including mobile-based technology, which resonate with your comments...


Rémy Pothet

Thanks for sharing this article, Matthew - I agree with this expert’s point of view. Like Apple, Automotive manufacturers, particularly in relation to infotainment, have to recognise that consumers in the digital age expect transparency, exchange and openness. That’s why Ford’s innovative approach with Sync and Link is commendable. OEMs will be in trouble if they don’t open up their systems in response to these rapidly changing market conditions.

Cory Grassell

Digital media is quickly integrating across platforms; it's about time manufacturers start waking up to the reality that streamlining such media is vital to their survival. It's been said that all companies are "media" companies, so kudos to the auto industry for attempting to get it right. In fact, Toyota took a major step forward earlier this year when it decided to launch a private, in-auto social network to connect like-minded Toyota owners.



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We are already seeing the future of cars in smart phone integration. I sync my iphone with my car's system.

Allen Samantha

We see them every day, at work, on the train, at conferences, at coffee shops, and everywhere else that people might gather: hand-held devices that function as telephones, Internet access devices, network access devices, or perhaps merely toys upon which we can play “Angry Birds.”

Sunny Daud

Really enjoy this new idea.I just want to thank you about.Please try other things also by smart phone.

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I absolutely agree with your ideas, there must a compatibility between smart phones and cars.

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I'm quite excited with the idea that Smartphones will the in-car infotainment since I always get bored when I'm alone in my car

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900 million is a huge user's amount. The fact that new technology really gone so far. Mobile phones offer a great opportunity for car manufacturers to improve their competitive advantage.

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It goes without saying that quick access to various applications via a smartphone guarantees evolution and further technological future of modern cars, since like mobile phones they are frequently used on a daily basis.

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We will be using QR codes to bridge the gap from print to web. Need to understand how to optimize website pages for smart phones. Any thoughts?

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I really like this idea that the smartphones for car infotainment.

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