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Chris Bonsi

Great insights Pradeep!

I think you’re absolutely right about the latent demand for a modern, stylish and reasonably priced SUV for India. Nearly every Asian market has experienced a SUV boom and India shouldn’t be far behind.

Indent Suzuki Ertiga

On the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, Suzuki show off the Ertiga, a new MPV that can accomodate 7 passenger

Peter Nexen

It's naturally to buy a SUV if you have money but have no such good roads as in US or Europe.

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It is rediculous to even suggest that. It is not fair to take the actions and ideas of group of people.



oakley frogskins

Not you have to articles was so good, later to focus on.

honda brio

the most popular in indonesia big size with small price vehicle, family need more priority even they do'nt have a son. that's why toyota succed with strategy big size with small price like Toyota Avanza for example..

subeer kumar

Hi Pradeepji,

Been quite a while... hmmm ...almost 26 years, happy for your success ... look forward hearing from you, regards, subeer

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Lo bueno de su información es que es bastante explícito para que los estudiantes de entender. Gracias por sus esfuerzos en la difusión del conocimiento académico.

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